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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I go to College in Yuba?

Yuba College and Woodland Community College, offer degrees, certificates and transfer curricula at college campuses in Marysville and Woodland, educational centers in Clearlake and Yuba City, and through outreach operations in Williams and on Beale Air Force Base.

Who are the trustees of Yuba Community College?

YCCD Welcomes Newly and Re-Elected Trustees The Yuba Community College District welcomes newly elected Trustees...

Where is Sutter County center of Yuba College?

The Sutter County Center allows students to complete nearly all associate and transfer requirements on-site and offers courses leading to an Associate Degree and Certificates. The Sutter County Center of Yuba College is located just off Highway 99 between Pease Road and Eager Road on East Onstott Road.

Is the CARES Act available at Yuba College?

Yuba College is excited to offer a new free telehealth program for students that provides access to 24/7 medical and mental health support. The CARES Act Application is now open for Yuba College students. Yuba College prepares a diverse student population to excel in a rapidly changing, interdependent world.

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