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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a prison in Yuma, AZ?

At Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park walk through the actual strap iron cells and solitary chamber of Arizona Territory’s first prison, and see the areas where prisoners spent their lives in the desert. New programs and events are added to the park calendar each month.

When did the Yuma Territorial Prison shut down?

The Yuma Territorial Prison is a former prison located in Yuma, Arizona, United States. Opened on July 1, 1876, and shut down on September 15, 1909. It is one of the Yuma Crossing and Associated Sites on the National Register of Historic Places in the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area.

Who are some famous inmates from Yuma Territorial Prison?

Es-Kay-Da-Pany was known as a violent criminal, but prison records show that he was a model inmate without any noted infractions. He tended the garden at the Prison and ran into a mishap where he lost his life. To learn more, visit the Yuma Territorial Prison.

Is there a dark cell in Yuma Territorial Prison?

You see, there was a prison band back in the day at Yuma Territorial, and many of its members still aren't ready to stop playing. Guests can even enter the "Dark Cell," a damp and claustrophobic hole measuring a mere 10x10 feet. This pit of despair was reserved for the most incorrigible inmates, trapping them in darkness with snakes and scorpions.

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