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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ZipRecruiter good for recruiters?

ZipRecruiter is good when the position is initially posted since the software sends your company's job posting to hundreds of other job websites. I like that there are knockout questions that candidates can answer, if they answer a question incorrectly; the candidate will be hidden and this saves the time of the recruiter.

How much is it to post to ZipRecruiter?

ZipRecruiter Cost. The cost of ZipRecruiter ranges between $249 per month to $349 per month for small businesses, based on how many job slots you need. ZipRecruiter has multiple pricing tiers and with each tier you get extra features such as the ability to add additional users to help you post jobs and review resumes,...

Does ZipRecruiter work for job seekers?

ZipRecruiter Mobile App for Job Seekers & Employers. ZipRecruiter has a mobile app, making it easy for job seekers to apply for jobs, which benefits you as you’ll get more applications. Employers also can use the ZipRecruiter app to view, rate and contact candidates from a smartphone.

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