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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the real name of Li Ziqi?

Li Ziqi (李子柒) is her brand name, and may be her real name as well. Some unconfirmed reports claim that her real name is Li Jiajia (李佳佳), under which her business in China is registered. Also in one of her videos, her grandma called her Jiajia once.

Where does the money from Li Ziqi videos go?

All videos you watch here are directly played on YouTube, so every penny from ads in the video goes to Ziqi’s official channel. This site is maintained by a fan, for other fans.

What's the difference between Xiaoge and Ziqi on YouTube?

In their typical videos, Ziqi often looks like a princess from a fairy tale, while Xiaoge is more like the girl next door. Ziqi is cool and elegant; Xiaoge is warm and lovely. Ziqi’s videos are near perfection; Xiaoge’s videos are more realistic. Ziqi is almost silent in her videos; Xiaoge chats with everybody.

How did Li Ziqi become a YouTube sensation?

Ziqi is a YouTube sensation. Her calm, soothing and beautiful videos have captured the hearts of millions, all around the world. Ziqi had an tough childhood, to say it mildly. After losing her parents at very young age, she also lost her grandfather, and had to drop out of school at 14. Yet, she marched on… ( read more about Li Ziqi)

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