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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ZirMed stand for in healthcare industry?

Revenue Cycle Management, Healthcare E Commerce, Coding and Compliance, Clearinghouse, Healthcare Analytics, Healthcare Financial Services, Healthcare IT, and Revenue Cycle Optimization

What do you need to know about ZirMed software?

ZirMed is a comprehensive End-to-End Platform for Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Population Health Management (PHM), designed to help and empower healthcare organizations of all types and sizes to maximize their revenue while improving the quality of population health. With ZirMed, your organization is given a platform loaded...

Which is the best platform for ZirMed billing?

ZirMed is an ideal platform for hospitals and health systems like accountable care organizations (ACOs), independent physician associations (IPAs), and billing services.

Why are navicure and ZirMed part of Waystar?

Waystar is the combination of Navicure and ZirMed, the two top-rated providers of revenue cycle technologies. Waystar delivers innovative technology solutions that simplify and unify the revenue cycle to enable healthcare organizations to collect more and reduce the cost and effort of managing payer reimbursement and patient billing and payments.

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