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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of zone defense?

Zone defense is a type of defense, used in team sports, which is the alternative to man-to-man defense; instead of each player guarding a corresponding player on the other team, each defensive player is given an area (a zone) to cover. A zone defense can be used in many sports where defensive players guard players on the other team.

How do we beat zone defense?

Transition. You can beat the zone defense in transition if you have an up-tempo team that can push the ball up the floor without giving the defense enough time ... Analyze the zone. There are three important questions you should ask yourself: Is it an odd or even front? ... Patience. ... Spacing. ... Overload the zone. ... Passing. ... Dribble penetration. ... Shooting. ... More items...

What is the best zone defense?

Ranking the Best Zone Defenses in NCAA Basketball 6. Scott Drew: Baylor 5. John Beilein: Michigan 4. Bill Self: Kansas 3. Bob Huggins: West Virginia 2. Rick Pitino: Louisville 1. Jim Boeheim: Syracuse

How does zone defense work?

Zone defense is different from man-to-man defense in that, instead of guarding a particular player, each zone defender is responsible for guarding an area of the floor, or "zone", and any offensive player that comes into that area. Zone defenders move their position on the floor in relationship to where the ball moves.

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