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Frequently Asked Questions

How to defend the zone read in football?

Just as you would prepare for a true triple-option team, you must play assignment sound and disciplined football when defending the zone read. You must account for the dive, the quarterback, and the pitch player. You must have proper run fits in order to have success.

How is the tight end used in the zone read?

The offense will also use the tight end as an option receiver utilizing their secondary read, normally the linebacker or safety depending upon your defensive alignment. We can also invert our fits with by adjusting line movement to each side. See Diagrams 3 and 4.

Which is the best way to teach zone read?

See Diagrams 3 and 4. If a team utilizes two backs, an orbit receiver, a slot receiver or an H-back as a second option threat as a part of their pitch phase; it’s all married together. The best way of teaching is through concepts.

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