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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a zone tailed hawk look like?

Immatures are similar except for small white spots on the breast and tails with narrow gray and black bands and a broad dark tip. The zone-tailed hawk adults resemble the common black hawk but are distinctly more slender in flight and overall small, and they have more white bars on the tail.

Is the turkey vulture similar to a zone tailed hawk?

This close resemblance may fool other creatures as well: Small animals in the west learn to ignore the abundant and harmless Turkey Vultures, and they may fail to notice an approaching Zone-tailed

What kind of Hawk is black with white tail?

Zone-tailed Hawk Another hawk with range limited to south and west Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Overall black appearance, wing linings streaked black and white. Black and white tail bands.

Where do zone tailed hawks build their nests?

Immatures have finely barred outer flight feathers and a barred tail. Immatures also show dark trailing edges on the wings. Perched immatures look all dark with a barred tail. Zone-tailed Hawks build their nests within dense mixed evergreen-deciduous forests often on north-facing mountain slopes or near cliffs adjacent to streams.

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