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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do zone tailed hawks live in the world?

Zone-tailed hawks range from parts of southern Arizona, New Mexico, and western Texas almost throughout inland Mexico and the central portions of Central America down into eastern Colombia, Ecuador and, more sporadically, into Peru, southern Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, and northern Argentina.

How is a zone tailed hawk different from a Black Hawk?

The zone-tailed hawk adults resemble the common black hawk but are distinctly more slender in flight and overall small, and they have more white bars on the tail. Other Buteo hawks in their dark phase, especially the broad-winged hawk, may appear similar but often have more silvery coloration on the wings and are broader-winged.

Is the turkey vulture similar to a zone tailed hawk?

This close resemblance may fool other creatures as well: Small animals in the west learn to ignore the abundant and harmless Turkey Vultures, and they may fail to notice an approaching Zone-tailed

What kind of Hawk has a white tail?

Zone-tailed Hawk Identification. Adult. Medium-sized raptor with broad wings. Often mistaken for a Turkey Vulture, but note large white band on tail and dark trailing edges on wings. With good looks upper bands on tail are also visible.

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