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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of bird is a zone tailed hawk?

Medium-sized all-dark raptor with yellow legs and bill. Arched wings and a "tippy" flying style makes Zone-tailed Hawks resemble Turkey Vultures in flight. However, a bold white tail band helps separate these species in the field. Immatures have finely barred outer flight feathers and a barred tail.

Why do zone tailed hawks mimic turkey vultures?

Zone-tailed hawks have evolved to mimic the appearance of turkey vultures. Because turkey vultures are scavengers and not predators, small animals on the ground ignore them. By mimicking turkey vultures, zone-tails can sneak up and ambush prey animals that mistake them for a harmless turkey vulture.

What kind of Hawk has a white tail?

Zone-tailed Hawk Identification. Adult. Medium-sized raptor with broad wings. Often mistaken for a Turkey Vulture, but note large white band on tail and dark trailing edges on wings. With good looks upper bands on tail are also visible.

What kind of tree does a hawk nest in?

The nest is typical of hawks: a big, bulky assemblage of sticks, lined with green leaves, usually built in the top or in the main fork of a tree, in this case at 7.5 to 30 m (25 to 98 ft) above the ground. Typically, tall trees such as a cottonwood or pine tree are selected, and the nest may be in the open or concealed by foliage.

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