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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ZoneAlarm offer the best firewall?

ZoneAlarm offers more features and better protection than Windows Firewall. Moreover, ZoneAlarm provides ransomware protection, detects threats, devices, traffic, and networking monitoring features. With ZoneAlarm, you can enjoy complete high-level protection against all possible threats.

How good is ZoneAlarm antivirus?

ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus is a good program that will provide your computer with a reasonable degree of protection. As far as free antivirus software goes, ZoneAlarm is a good choice with a lot of different features, though it does seem to be lacking some important ones.

Is ZoneAlarm Firewall good?

ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall is a really good free antivirus program that combines a strong firewall defense with an antivirus/anti-spyware engine. A built-in firewall, plus an antivirus service, pack professional-like features into one program at no cost.

What is ZoneAlarm antivirus?

ZoneAlarm is an internet security software company that provides consumer antivirus and firewall products. ZoneAlarm was developed by Zone Labs, which was acquired in March 2004 by Check Point.

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