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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the zoning inspectors in Cranston RI?

The Building Inspections Office serves as the office of the Cranston Zoning Board of Review. The Director of Inspections serves as the chief zoning code Enforcement Officer and the Deputy Director serves as secretary of the Zoning Board of Review.

What does the City Plan Commission do in Cranston RI?

The City Plan Commission is also authorized to approve subdivisions of land, planned districts, and land development projects, and serves as a recommending body on ordinances, zoning amendments, variances and special use permits.

When to apply for variance in Cranston RI?

Applicant seeks relief per Sections 17.92.010 Variance; Section 17.20.030 Schedule of Uses. Application filed 10/28/2019.

Where is Turner Street in Cranston RI zone A6?

RICHARD CARDELLO (OWN) AND BARBARA GAGLIONE (APP) have filed an application to create a new lot to construct a new single family dwelling with reduced lot width and frontage and area at 0 Turner Street A.P. 18, Lot 486, area 5,816 sq.ft. Zone A6.

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