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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find zoning data in DC?

Click here to find and download zoning data from the DC Open Data site. The District invites you to browse the data, download it as a file, analyze it with your tools, or build apps using our APIs.

Where can I find zoning information in Los Angeles?

The Zone Information and Map Access System (ZIMAS) is a web-based mapping tool that provides zoning information for properties located in Los Angeles. ZIMAS was developed by City Planning to assist residents and businesses in making better informed land use decisions.

How can I find out what my zoning is for my property?

The online mapping system is used to look up property information, ranging from a parcel’s land use and zoning designations to its planning application and building permit history. Here are some helpful tips for using ZIMAS. In ZIMAS, users can find the designated zoning for a property under the "Planning and Zoning" menu.

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