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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different business zones in Scituate?

The town contains RR (Rural Residential), RS (Single-Family Residential), BL (Limited Business), BG (General Business), M (General Manufacturing), and W (Watershed) zones.There are 2 Village Overlay District Zones, in the Village of Hope, and the Village of North Scituate.

How do I get a building permit in Scituate?

Please click on "Town of Scituate". Next, click on "building department" and select the type of permit you need. NOTE: All building plans need to be dropped off at the Building Official's Office. Inspections! Inspections for new construction will be done with the following requirements; no one in the structure.

Where can I find the Scituate MA viewer?

For convenience the link to the viewer is here: If you are unfamiliar with GIS this link explains the technology in broad terms

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