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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Fremont zoning ordinance?

The zoning district for a particular site is shown on the City's zoning maps, while the specific regulations are found within Title 18 (Zoning Ordinance) of the Fremont Municipal Code.

When was Fremont County Colorado Resolution 9 adopted?

ADOPTED JANUARY 15, 2009, BY RESOLUTION # 9 SERIES OF 2009 Amendment Resolution Effective Date Reception No.

What does it mean to have zoning district?

The establishment of zoning districts—such as residential, commercial, and industrial districts—provides regulations regarding permitted, conditionally permitted, and specifically prohibited land uses and establishes development standards (e.g., setbacks, height limits, and building size limitations) for structures and land.

How much does a zoning verification letter cost?

A request for a Zoning Verification Letter must be made in writing and takes approximately 15 business days from receipt to receive a response. The basic cost for a Zoning Verification Letter is $145 per parcel. If your request requires more research than is typical, a staff member will contact you.

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