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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for the Tucson zoning maps?

The City of Tucson retains title to these maps. The zoning maps provided under this Agreement may contain or be derived from portions of material provided by third parties. The City of Tucson has assumed the responsibility for selection of such materials.

What is the Unified Development Code for Tucson?

These documents replaced the Land Use Code, Development Standards, and the development review procedures in Chapter 23A of the Tucson Code. Unified Development Code - includes the City’s zoning and subdivision standards

Is the city of Tucson liable for maps?

The City of Tucson shall have no other liability with regard to the maps. City of Tucson does not warrant that the Maps will meet the requirements of users or that the Maps will be error free, or that Map defects will be corrected.

Where can I find property information in Tucson?

Sign up to receive email notifications about potential land use changes in Tucson PRO is a tool for locating property information. You can find the parcel data by searching for an address or Assessor Parcel Number including Development Activity. If you do not have this information, you can visually search for the property on a map.

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