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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Monroe County Planning and zoning formed?

Monroe County Planning and Zoning was formed to promote orderly distribution of land development while preserving the natural resources and beauty of unincorporated Monroe County.

How to contact the Monroe County Planning Department?

The department provides both current and long range planning services to the various County boards, including the Plan Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, County Commissioners, as well as to the general public. You may now apply for permits and planning processes online by going to:

How to apply for Conditional Use Permit in Monroe County WI?

Conditional Use Permit Application – Please contact the Zoning Department for application if applying for a non-metallic mine or a cell tower. Instructions & Price List for Shoreland Zoning Permit – Please contact the Zoning Department for instructions if removing vegetation within 35′ of a water body or if installing a stream crossing.

Do you need a permit in Monroe County GA?

Below is information from the Georgia Soil & Water Conservation Commission –this will also help when needing to apply for a land disturbance permit in Monroe County. The county does not enforcement subdivision covenants. They are recorded and kept at Superior Court.

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