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Frequently Asked Questions

What does zoned R1 property mean?

R1 Zoning is a low density residential zoning district that only allows the development of single family houses. It is a somewhat suburban looking and is only in a few areas of New York City. These districts typically have large properties and large houses. R1 is a single family zoning district.

What is R1a zoning?

The R-1A Zone is intended to provide for communities consisting of single-family dwelling buildings with a minimum gross lot size of 7,500, 6,600, 6,000 or 5,500 square feet of lot area per dwelling unit (six to eight dwelling units per acre), except that single-family dwelling buildings or duplexes may be placed on a minimum lot size...

What is zoning R1a definition?

The R-1-A zone is intended to provide areas predominantly developed with detached houses on large lots. A front setback shall be provided within the range of existing front setbacks of all structures within an R-1-A zone on the same side of the street in the block where the building is proposed.

What does zone are 1 mean?

The R1 Zone is the most restrictive residential zone, and provides for and regulates single detached dwellings. The zone variations are symbolized by R1 followed by a dash and a number. There is no main Residential R1 Zone variation as the zone is restricted to only single detached dwelling units.

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