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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the zoning ordinance administration in Chicago?

The Zoning Ordinance Administration Division reviews building permit applications to ensure compliance to the Chicago Zoning Ordinance. Plan reviews are conducted by plan examiners located at City Hall, 121 N. La Salle St., Room 905, Chicago.

What does variance mean in Cook County IL?

Variance. A “variance” means a grant of relief from the requirements of the Cook County Zoning Ordinance which permits construction in a manner that would otherwise be prohibited by the Ordinance.

How to check your zoning status in Chicago?

These tools are designed to summarize zoning classifications and primary business licensing requirements for common business types. To confirm the zoning status of a specific location, please schedule an appointment with a business consultant at the Small Business Center or call our Business Call Center at 312-74-GOBIZ (744-6249).

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