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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 14k gold a good value?

Despite looking similar to more expensive metals such as platinum, 14K white gold is quite an affordable metal that generally offers very good value for money. How many grams are in a 14K gold necklace? Simply multiply the necklace’s weight by its gold content percentage, which we already calculated to be 58.3%.

How much is 14k jewelry selling for?

Based on a price of $2000/ounce (which was reached in early August of 2020), an ounce of 14k gold would be worth $1166.67. At Express Gold Cash, we pay up to 90% of that value for gold bullion and up to 85% of the refined value of gold jewelry. To get started, request your free gold kit using our form on the right.

Is 14k gold good quality?

14K is good but not high quality of gold if you are opting for an “investment piece” of gold. However, 14k is often used when there is a need to mount a precious stone.. although 18K is sturdy enough, 14K is much more considered due to its hardness and lesser chances of getting bent easily. imagine the prong of your ring getting stuck from a tough textile and you forced to pull your hand off…chances are, the prongs will easily bend and the stone can possibly fall out…compared to a ...

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