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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an airway?

Airways are defined with segments within a specific altitude block, corridor width, and between fixed geographic coordinates for satellite navigation systems, or between ground-based radio transmitter navigational aids (navaids; such as VORs or NDBs) or the intersection of specific radials of two navaids.

What are the Colored airways?

These L/M frequency airways were the colored airways. Colored airways still exist, mostly in Alaska. There are only a few colored airways remaining in the contiguous United States.

What is an airway corridor?

Airways are corridors 10 nautical miles (19 km) wide of controlled airspace with a defined lower base, usually FL070–FL100, extending to FL195. They link major airports giving protection to IFR flights during the climb and descent phases, and often for non-jet aircraft, cruise phase of flight.

What is the difference between an airway and an upper air route?

If an upper air route follows the same track as an airway, its designator is the letter "U" prefix and the designator of the underlying airway. In the UK, airways are all class A below FL195 and, therefore, VFR flights are prohibited.

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