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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Alinta Energy?

A major gas and electricity retailer across Victoria, NSW, QLD and South Australia, Alinta Energy maintains a strong presence in Perth as it attempts to fight off the challenge of the newer retailers to set up shop in the west.

Is Kleenheat the new Alinta Energy in WA?

While the WA gas market has been fully contestable since 2004, Alinta Energy remained the state’s only residential and small business gas provider for many years. In March 2013, however, Kleenheat launched its WA gas service, stepping up as the first serious challenger to Alinta Energy in Perth and other areas along the west coast.

What incentives does Alinta offer?

Alinta offers incentives in the form of access to the Alinta Rewards Store, which contains a range of discounts and offers on movie tickets, electronics and more. Kleenheat's incentive is a minimal $50 bill credit/gift card on some of its plans.

What is Alinta's sustainability goal?

Alinta's sustainability goal is to produce 1000MW of renewable energy by 2020. As of June 2018 it had totalled 543MW of renewable energy. The company currently has a 2726MW portfolio of power it has generated and bought. It currently operates solar and wind farms, and is building a lithium-ion battery storage system.

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