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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register and login to Ansarada board?

Existing Ansarada users can easily register and login (first-time) using the same email address as Board Admin Users. New users can easily register and login (first-time) into Board as Board App Users (Directors).

What does Ansarada do?

Ansarada redefines excellence in information governance from deals, corporate transactions, risk and compliance to tender management. Over 35,000+ critical business transactions are executed through our Data Rooms . We are trusted by the world's leading institutions and government organizations. 80% of our customers are the top 100 banks.

Why Ansarada data rooms?

Our Data Rooms let you outsmart the smart guys. Ansarada Data Rooms unite the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning with the experience of 20,000+ deals to simplify event execution. Stay ahead of the competition with our next generation, AI-powered Data Rooms, providing you with unparalleled security over your material information.

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