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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of be?

English Language Learners Definition of be (Entry 1 of 2) —used to indicate the identity of a person or thing —used to describe the qualities of a person or thing

What is the origin of the word “be”?

Middle English, from Old English bēon; akin to Old High German bim am, Latin fui I have been, futurus about to be, fieri to become, be done, Greek phynai to be born, be by nature, phyein to produce Middle English, from Old English bi-, be-; akin to Old English bī by, near — more at by “Be.”

What is the meaning of to be or not to be?

to exist or live: Shakespeare's “To be or not to be” is the ultimate question. to take place; happen; occur: The wedding was last week. to occupy a place or position: The book is on the table. to continue or remain as before: Let things be. to belong; attend; befall: May good fortune be with you.

How do you use be as a verb?

Be as a main verb has a number of meanings. … [ L ] It is cold today. [ L ] My name is Andy. [ L ] She is a doctor. [ L ] How old are you? [ L ] These books are (= cost) $12.99 each.

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