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Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours does a cat 140m3 grader last?

2014 CAT 140M3 Grader with 6,600 hours. ARO wired, 14ft blade, 17.5 tyres, push block, Grade control. This 140M3 Grader will be so.... 2017 CATERPILLAR 12M VHP GRADER VIN CAT0012MCB9200643 6,398hrs Approx Enclosed A C Cabin CD Player UFH Radio Ripper Bar 4250mm Mou....

What's new in a 2013 Cat 12m2 grader?

2013 CAT 12M2 Grader with 7,000 hours. VHP Plus, 14ft blade, 14.00 tyres, New push block and MS ripper to be fitted. This 12M2 Gra.... PRODUCT-FAMILY MOTOR GRADERS FEATURE BEACON PUSHBLOCK PRODUCT LINK JOYSTICK STEERING LIGHTING RIPPER AIR CONDITIONER AIR SUSPENSIO....

What is the serial number of the 24H grader?

24H Grader Immaculate condition Serial No. 7KK00037 First sold 11 1999 As new rear tyres, 50 front tyres Auto Grease Above cab tri.... 2004 CATERPILLAR 12H VHP PLUS MOTOR GRADER 10,000 HOURS C9 ENGINE TRIMBLE 3D 2D READY ELECTRIC MAST MAIN FALL, ROTATION CROSS SENS....

How many hours does a 2013 Cat 140m2 last?

2013 CAT 140M2 with 5,800 hours. 14 ft blade, 17.5 tyres, push block and MS ripper, ARO wired, grade control and cross slope. This.... 2020 CATERPILLAR 150-3D GPS GRADER JOY 4 MAST LESS 3D AUTO GREASE C9.3 ENGINE.... 2013 CAT 140M2 VHP PLUS with 7,200 hours. 14ft blade, Grade control, VHP Plus, Push block, MS ripper.

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