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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you invest in closed end funds?

You should only hold leveraged closed-end funds if you understand the type and amount of leverage used by the fund and accept the risks involved. Please remember that leverage increases risk and funds that use a lot of leverage can see significant swings in value. Be sure you understand the level of leverage a fund uses before you invest. 5.

What does closed end fund mean?

A closed-end fund is a type of mutual fund that issues a fixed number of shares through a single initial public offering (IPO) to raise capital for its initial investments. Its shares can then be bought and sold on a stock exchange but no new shares will be created and no new money will flow into the fund.

Why do closed end funds trade at a discount?

There are many reasons that influence whether a closed-end fund trades at a discount or premium. It could be something fundamental, such as the underlying asset class of that fund falling in and out of favor with the market. Or it could be the up and down fluctuation in supply and demand for the stock. There are many different reasons.

Are CEFS good investments?

When managed by successful investment gurus, CEFs provide safe payouts. Look for funds that are still undervalued and may provide solid entry points, making them good long-term holdings for a portfolio. You need cash to retire — and to stay retired. CEFs are one of the dividend-paying investment vehicles that can help you pay the bills.

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