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Frequently Asked Questions

What number does FedEx tracking start with?

FedEx SmartPost tracking numbers usually look like 9261299991099834284833 or 9274899991099835941441, i.e. start with “92612” or “92748”. So original FedEx tracking number will be starting with 612/748, and all you have to do to get USPS tracking number is prefix FedEx number with 92.

How accurate is FedEx tracking?

FedEx tracking is an accurate way, up to half an hour, for customers to monitor their online shipments. However, the accuracy may vary depending on geographical locations and how employees scan those packages. This multinational conglomerate acquired several businesses to complement its operations. Gelco, Flying Tiger, Kinko’s, and World ...

Can You track FedEx without a tracking number?

The answer is yes. Some of the simplest ways are mentioned in the following, where you can track the FedEx package without a tracking number. If you ship several packages regularly, then you should sign up for FedEx InSight. It is a program provided by FedEx which makes tracking shipments easier.

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