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Frequently Asked Questions

Do hospitals follow CDC guidelines?

The CDC guidelines were developed to provide a central reference for professionals involved in infection control that contains CDC recommendations and is easily accessible to the infection control personnel in hospitals.

What is primary health care hospital?

Primary care teams help patients and families address physical and behavioral health needs — from prevention to new sicknesses to managing chronic disease to end-of-life care.

What rights do patients have in hospitals?

Hospital patients also have the right to religious services, like chaplaincy services offered on-site. Respect encompasses your right to privacy. And it also means that if you’re in pain, you ...

Do hospitals have a role in population health?

Report — The Role of Hospitals in Population Health: Findings from National Conversations, Statewide Survey and Local Perspectives (June 2019) Hospitals and health systems are cornerstones of their communities. Not only do they provide care 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, but they also are strong economic engines.

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