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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the closest airport to Zermatt?

The closest airport to Zermatt is in Sion, but there are no direct flights from outside of Switzerland. The best way to get to Zermatt from the airport is to take a train or bus to Visp and then take a local train from there. If you’re flying into Geneva, you can take a train to Zermatt, but the journey takes about 4 hours.

How to reach the Matterhorn from Zermatt?

Klein Matterhorn can be reached by gondola from Zermatt. Zermatt is car free and can be reached by train. The first part of your trip is getting to the car free resort of Zermatt. It can be reached by train as explained here.

How is the railway in Zermatt?

Trains are clean, fast, reliable and frequent. The railway has direct connections in Brig and Visp to the modern narrow gauge railway of the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway. Which arrives in Zermatt after an hour and a half ride through the romantic Nicolaital valley.

Is Zermatt worth visiting?

No wonder accommodation in Zermatt is one of the most expensive in Switzerland but that does not prevent winter sport enthusiasts to getting their winter gear and go skiing along its luxuriant white snow-capped mountains. Although it is car-free, Zermatt can be reached by road, train or air as per the convenience of the visitors.

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