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Frequently Asked Questions

When will Mirvac’s waterfront Newstead project launch?

Mirvac is planning to launch the next stage of its $1 billion Waterfront Newstead community in Brisbane early next year, after receiving Development Approval for its new Sky Precinct from Brisbane City Council this week.

What will Mirvac do for the community?

When complete Mirvac will have handed over 50% of the development site area to Brisbane City Council for the benefit of the wider community. Over 600 metres of walking and cycle paths constructed throughout Waterfront Newstead linking through to Newstead House, Newstead Terrace and Skyring Terrace when completed.

What is Mirvac doing for Newstead and Teneriffe?

Mirvac Head of Residential Stuart Penklis said the developer had proactively engaged with the community and Council on the design prior to lodging the development application, which was in keeping with the Newstead and Teneriffe Waterfront Neighbourhood Plan. “We are thrilled to now have approval to bring this exciting vision to life,” he said.

Will Mirvac build a second residential building at 57 Skyring Terrace Newstead?

Mirvac has recently lodged a Development Application with Brisbane City Council for a second residential building located at 57 Skyring Terrace Newstead. “Sky Stage 2” will build on the existing urban fabric, creating a highly engaging destinational ground plane for its local residents.

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