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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NBC News Nightly News?

NBC Nightly News is the most-watched evening newscast in America, providing the very latest on the day’s top stories and going beyond the headlines to add context and analysis to the most pressing issues of our times. We go to the heart of breaking news stories, introduce you to everyday people caught up in extraordinary events,...

Where can I watch NBC News on TV?

NBC News NOW is available as a channel on Peacock, Fubo, Pluto TV, Samsung TV Plus, The Roku Channel, Tubi, Xumo, YouTube, YouTube TV and NBC News’ apps on Roku, Fire TV and Apple TV. NBCU News Group Digital is the #1 digital news organization in America.

How many people watch NBC News Now each day?

With the launch of NOW Tonight with Joshua Johnson, NBC News NOW averages nearly 10 hours of live, original programming each day. Since launching in 2019, NBC News NOW has grown to an average of nearly 60 million views and 20 million hours watched each month.

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