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Frequently Asked Questions

What is orbital assembly?

WELCOME TO THE FIRST SPACE BUSINESS PARK WITH ARTIFICIAL GRAVITY. Hybrid Space Stations Designed for Commerce, Research, and Leisure. Orbital Assembly develops and operates gravity capable space stations on orbit, in cislunar space, and throughout the solar system enabling humanity to work, play, and thrive in the space ecosystem.

What is the goal of the orbital assembly space station?

“The goal has always been to make it possible for large amounts of people to live, work and thrive in space,” Alatorre told CNN Travel in a new interview. Orbital Assembly says the space stations will have office space as well as accomodation.

Is orbital assembly's space hotel a factory or a research facility?

But Alatorre suggests the ISS is primarily a place of work and research, and Orbital Assembly’s space hotel fulfills a different niche. “It’s not going to be like you’re going to a factory or you’re going to a research facility,” he said.

How many space stations will orbital assembly launch in 2027?

Orbital Assembly is now aiming to launch not one but two space stations with tourist accommodation: Voyager Station, the renamed original design, is now scheduled to accommodate 400 people and to open in 2027, while new concept Pioneer Station, housing 28 people, could be operational in just three years.

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