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Frequently Asked Questions

What is personal website template?

As the name suggests, Personal is a free personal website template with all the needed to get yourself online quickly and effectively. If you are a creative individual, Personal is one fine tool you should consider. And if you do not have a website up yet, you better start moving in that direction, like, now.

What is the best personal website template for CV?

CVPortfolio, as the name implies it is a perfect personal website template for making your CV. It has modern design layout to describe your professional experience neatly. One can also use this website template for personal branding. It is a single page website template with smooth scrolling effects.

What can I use free HTML templates for?

You can use our free HTML templates as a quick construction for email templates, suitable for an HTML email, or a website layout and page HTML based on bootstrap templates for an online store. Need Free Website Templates?

What is universal website template?

Universal is a modern multipurpose, minimalistic and easy to use, lightweight and fast loading, multi and one-page HTML template for building a simple and beautiful business or personal website. download here.

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