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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Buddhism the best religion in the world?

So if Buddhism is a religion, rather than a philosophy, it probably falls short of being “the best” religion. Unless of course the best religion is one with no God, i.e., Atheism. But atheists generally reject the notion that their beliefs properly constitute a religion. Originally Answered: Why does Buddhism is considered as a better religion?

How is Buddhism unlike other universalizing religions?

unlike other universalizing religions, Buddhism. remained primarily concentrated in one region of the world. the dominant branch of Islam is. ... Buddhism is founded on the Four Noble Truths, which include all but. Nirvana is attained as a community of believers, it is not an individual pursuit.

Is Buddhism better than Christianity?

So pick which one fits your belief better. Buddhism is not better than Christianity, and Christianity is not better than Buddhism. They are different paths to spiritual salvation/awakening. Both Buddhism and Christianity have things to offer for all of us around the world.

Is Buddhism the most realistic religion?

Why Buddhism turn into religion is people believe the teaching rather than actually practicing it. But, there are a chunk of people who tested out and realized the Nibbana as well. Yes … it is. In fact, religions are not realistic. It is based on belief.

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