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Frequently Asked Questions

What is room correction processing in Windows Vista?

Windows Vista provides a new feature called room correction processing. This form of processing optimizes the listening experience for a particular location in the room, for example, the center cushion of your couch, by automatically calculating the optimal combination of delay, frequency response, and gain adjustments.

What is room correction and why is it important?

The room correction feature better matches sound to the image on the video screen and is also useful in cases where desktop speakers are placed in nonstandard locations. Room correction processing is an improvement over similar features in high-end receivers because it better accounts for the way in which the human ear processes sound.

What is the world's best room correction?

Download the world's best room correction. Anthem Room Correction (ARC®) come in two flavors, ARC Genesis (for Mac and PC) and ARC Mobile (for iOS and Android), and both are free for download. ARC Genesis offers a full-featured demo mode that you can try for free today.

How to improve sound quality in Windows 10?

Figure 1: The Sound dialog box lists all of the PC's sound related hardware. Make sure that the Playback tab is selected, as it is in the figure above, and then select your primary sound output device. Now, click Properties to open the device's Properties sheet. When it comes to enhancing a PC's sound quality, there are two main tabs of interest.

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