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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the series 6 license cost?

The fee for registration is $100, and the registration period lasts for one hundred twenty (120) days. Enroll for the Series 6 license exam on FINRA. You will need to create an account with FINRA.

What are the series 6 and 63 licenses?

If you’re interested in multiple certifications, then Series 63 compliments Series 6 nicely. That’s because a Series 63 license allows you to solicit orders for any type of security in a particular state. Naturally, that opens up many more options when combined with the Series 6 certification. Start Studying For The Series 6 Exam

What are the series 6 and 63 securities licenses?

The Series 6 and 63 licenses are often mentioned together because they are the two necessary licenses required to sell insurance policies tied to investments. While any securities professional can benefit from having a Series 6 license, this is a license specifically tailored for insurance professionals. Sales professionals need a securities ...

How to pass the series 66?

How to Pass the Series 66 Exam. Passing the Series 66 is honestly a different animal entirely, and my advice for the difficult chapters of the Series 66, which would be the first 7 or 8 chapters, is to write out every single definition in the chapters line by line so that you can better grasp what you are reading. Studying the the Series 66 ...

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