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Frequently Asked Questions

What is “splitting” and how does it occur?

The word, “splitting” can be used intwo senses: as a way of perceiving ORas something that is “done” to others, and which results in conflict betweenothers. Splitting is a process thatoscillates between external and internal manifestations. Inconsistent, irrational, labile, andunpredictable behavior on the part of parents (an external manifestation) canresult in a developmental process whereby a child’s thought processes (aninternal manifestation) come to mirror these external ...

What is the definition of splitting?

n. 1. The act of splitting or the result of it. 2. A breach or rupture in a group: a split that threatened the unity of the political party. 3. The division of a company's stock by issuing multiples of the existing shares with a corresponding reduction in the price of each share.

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