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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stanwell Moor?

Stanwell Moor has been around for several hundred years and yet there's a gap in local history where "The Moor" is concerned. The simple aim of this Group is to capture, share and discuss our history and help rekindle pride in our village.

What is it like to walk the moor?

The moor is a sudden, unexpected openness, rough terrain grazed by a few cattle. The River Colne meanders through the middle of the moor, a few footbridges providing crossing places. The water is sparkling and alive. On a summer’s day, it is hard to resist a barefoot paddle.

Where is Moor Lane?

Crossing a bridge over the final stretch of the Rivers Wraysbury and Colne, just before they join the Thames, the B376 leads out of town. Moor Lane peels off to the right, and after a patch of open land, a path heads over the River Wraysbury and the railway line, before turning left, under the A30.

What is Staines Moor famous for?

Staines Moor is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), home to rare plants and with the neighbouring reservoirs, winter wildfowl. You will also find some of the oldest anthills in Britain, irregular low mounds across the moor.

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