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Frequently Asked Questions

What programs does Stevens offer?

Stevens offers more than 50 master’s degree and 20 Ph.D. programs in highly specialized disciplines including engineering, systems innovation and business analytics.

How do I visit Stevens?

They also host events and open houses on campus. Visiting the Stevens campus has never been easier. Until you can visit in person, explore Stevens anytime, anywhere using our interactive campus map and tour. Through hundreds of videos and photos and an interactive map, you'll meet real students and learn more about the campus experience at Stevens.

What are the benefits of attending Stevens Institute of Technology?

At Stevens your career benefits from our strengths. You learn from faculty who are experts in their fields and experienced in their industries. The curriculum is technology-driven and future-focused.

What type of students is Stevens Institute of Technology looking for?

Our students have a tremendous range of interests and a penchant for pursuing unique paths. They’re engineers who are talented musicians, artists who are gifted programmers, financial whizzes who are literary buffs and biologists with a record-breaking 50-free in the pool.

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