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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Sunland distribution?

In 1982 Sunland Distribution, Inc., was founded with an entrepreneurial spirit by Sam Cole in Greenville, SC, and established as a successful local public warehouse provider.

What is Sunland's purpose?

With a servant leadership approach and focus on advance technology and innovation, Sunland’s purpose is to help its customers do what they do better. Purpose: To help our customers do what they do...better! Vision: To create a great 3PL company where opportunity exists, people want to work, and customers want to buy.

Is Sunland a socially responsible company?

We believe we all have a responsibility to keep one another safe. Our primary goal is for every team member to go home as safe as they arrived to work every day. Sunland is committed to being a socially responsible corporate citizen and creating work environments that are both physically and emotionally safe.

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