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Frequently Asked Questions

How many council pools are there in Brisbane?

Council pools There are 22 Council swimming pools across Brisbane offering opportunities for fun, fitness and recreation. Visit a Council pool to cool off, relax, enjoy water play, swim laps, attend a fitness class, learn to swim, improve your swim stroke or join a swimming club. COVID-19 restrictions

Are council pools open to the public?

From Tuesday 13 December all pools will be open to the public. Find water play areas in Council parks and pools with water play features and wading pools suitable for kids and toddlers. We run a heap of active and healthy events from our Council pools. Check out our What's On events calendar.

Who is responsible for the safety of my swimming pool?

It is the responsibility of property owners to ensure the pool and barriers are compliant at all times. For more information, check the swimming pool safety regulations. For information on ongoing maintenance requirements see the swimming pool maintenance page.

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