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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a consensus on the definition of telecommuting?

Yet there is no consensus on what actually does and does not constitute telecommuting. This paper first indicates why approaching such a consensus is important. It then discusses the definition of telecommuting in two different contexts.

Do telecommuting programs improve productivity and satisfaction?

The findings indicated that the majority of the program. satisfaction. The researchers’ objective was to determine the effect of selected variables on telecommuting productivity and satisfaction. The study population was ninety- seven (97) r espondents drawn from eleven

What are the different types of telecommuting organization?

There are several kinds of telecommuting organization. The center can be office space obtained expressly for the purpose of branch or local office. employers. The center may or may not be part of space within an existing office." important. A large employer with multiple sites ma y be able to set aside a portion of space in some telecommuting.

How important is the concept of remote management in telecommuting?

Indee d, well-planned telecommuting programs stress the importance of frequent communication with the pr imary office and others. The point is, requiring unnecessarily restrictive. The concept of remote management, however, is central to telecommuting. "How will I know

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