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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is testing matters?

Since 2005, Testing Matters has served the clinical market making us one of the top laboratories in the industry. With our highly trained and experienced staff, outstanding customer support and a laboratory that exceeds all relevant accreditations, Testing Matters is the leader in Laboratory testing in South Florida and throughout the nation.

What is matter and how does it work?

By building upon Internet Protocol (IP), Matter will enable communication across smart home devices, mobile app, and cloud services, and define a specific set of IP-based networking technologies for device certification. Matter is the seal of approval that says smart devices work reliably together—taking the guesswork out of the purchasing process.

Why does lab testing matter?

Lab testing matters because if done safely and efficiently a criminal could be convicted or a person could be that much closer to finding out what ails them.

Where can testing matters be dispatched?

Our services can be dispatched to a variety of settings, including but not limited to homebound patients, skilled nursing facilities, long term care facilities, at home or even at work. Testing Matters provides Dermatopathology, Gyn pathology, GI pathology, Uropathology and Cytopathology.

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