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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a review on TripAdvisor?

Specifically, you can use the ones saying “Review Us on Tripadvisor” or “Leave Us a Review on Tripadvisor” to maximize your review request strategy. Go to the Tripadvisor Sticker Request page and type in the name of your business or listing in the search bar.

How reliable are TripAdvisor reviews?

Tripadvisor has a consumer rating of 3.93 stars from 580 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Tripadvisor most frequently mention many times, hotels restaurants and best places.Tripadvisor ranks 1st among Travel Guides sites.

How do I get more TripAdvisor reviews?

Often, the best way to get new reviews is to ask. Email outreach is a great way to connect with guests and customers. It’s also a great platform for encouraging TripAdvisor reviews. Put careful thought into your feedback request templates and write them in a way that individually acknowledges each recipient.

Can Tripadvisor block honest reviews?

Trip advisor only allows favorable reviews, not honest and or authentic ones. They asked us to review our stay but when the review was made, they sent an Email saying they will not post it. Booked a tour through tripadvisor which was cancelled by vender due to weather.

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