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Frequently Asked Questions

How to download USGS topo map?

Download free USGS topographic map quadrangles in georeferenced PDF (GeoPDF) format by clicking on "Map Locator" on the USGS Store Web site. These files were created using high-resolution scans and average 10-17 megabytes in size. You can search by location, theme, name, and other means to locate the area of interest.

What maps are similar to topographic maps?

Wabamun Lake Hydrographic Chart. Bathymetric maps are similar to topographic maps, except they show contours of depth in a lake or reservoir, rather than contours describing the height of a mountain. Bathymetry is a useful technique for Fisheries management to segregate our data collections and analysis, but is even mo

How to identify landforms on a topographic map?

a topographic map. Procedure :Use the contour lines to identify land features. Look at the contour lines on figure 1. You will see that sometimes the lines are close together and sometimes the lines are further apart. Identify two areas where this is the case. Using your hand, create the shape of a hill.

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