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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fill out a warranty deed form?

Simply select your state, and enter the key information it asks for to create your warranty deed. Be sure to leave space at the top of your Warranty Deed for the County Recorder’s office to put their seal on the document. Be sure that all property taxes have also been paid in full before filing the deed.

What information is included in a warranty deed form?

A warranty deed is legal evidence of ownership or, at least, the intent of ownership. It does not always guarantee the grantee’s legal ownership if rights are challenged by a previously unknown person. However, it does acknowledge the grantee’s payment for a property and any subsequent promises made by the grantor.

What does a warranty deed do?

A Warranty Deed provides a way for a seller to transfer ownership or title of real estate to the buyer and warrant, or guarantee, that the seller legally owns the property. A buyer does not want to discover that the property has liens or encumbrances after the transaction is complete.

What does a special warranty deed guarantee?

A special warranty deed (also known as a limited warranty deed) is a legal document that guarantees against defects to a property’s title for the period when the Grantor owned it. It’s typically used when the seller doesn’t want legal responsibility for claims against the title before or after the time when they owned the property.

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