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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a fully electric hospital bed?

FULL BED PACKAGE: This fully electric motorized hospital bed includes everything you need, including the adjustable bed frame, a vinyl covered mattress, 2 locking and 2 unlocking casters (wheels), a large button remote controller and full safety rails.

What accessories do I need to buy for my home hospital bed?

Battery backup: all home hospital beds. Hospital grade power cord: all home hospital beds. Joystick or button hand controls: Supernal 5, Valiant & New Valiant, and Night Rider beds. Wireless Touch and Glow hand controls: Night Rider, and Valiant lines. Cherry finish headboard: Supernal 5, Night Rider, Companion, and Valiant lines.

Why choose a medacure hospital bed?

Medacure has the homecare hospital bed that's right for you! Choose from our line of premium quality beds for the safest, most comfortable and affordable option. Experience the Medacure difference today: Put together the bed quickly and easily yourself with minimal expertise required.

Why choose a home hospital bed over a wheelchair?

Our home hospital beds can lower below standard wheelchair height, which facilitates transferring from your chair to the bed. For transferring out, the beds can raise above your chair or mobility device height to allow you to use gravity to assist in getting out.

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