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Frequently Asked Questions

How to watch the ASX 200 Index live?

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When did the S & P / ASX 200 index start?

It accounts for 88% (December 2020) of Australia's equity market. The S&P/ASX 200 launched on 3 April 2000. Upon launch, it replaced the All Ordinaries to become Australia's primary investment benchmark and is used as the basis of multiple index products (e.g. VIX and SPI 200 Futures ).

What was the highest point of the ASX 200?

As of 18 June 2021, the highest point the ASX had reached is 7,400.50. View an up-to-date chart of the ASX 200 Index here. What are the ASX's trading hours? Normal trading for the ASX takes place from 10am to 4pm, Sydney time. How many companies are in the ASX 200? As of April 30 2021, there are 200 constituents in the index.

What does it mean for the ASX 200 Futures?

Spending on services is notincluded. Rising retail sales indicate stronger economic growth. However, if theincrease is larger than forecast, it may be inflationary.Estimates of turnoverare based on a survey of about 7000 retail and selected service businesses (covering 20000 outlets).

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