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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Aurizon Holdings Limited and what do they do?

Aurizon Holdings Limited (AZJ) provides access to, and operation and management of, the Central Queensland Coal Network (CQCN) and provides design, construction, overhaul, maintenance and management services to Aurizon Holdings Limited and its subsidiary entities (the Aurizon Group) as well as external below rail customers.

How is Aurizon helping to grow regional Australia?

Aurizon is helping grow regional Australia by delivering bulk commodities to the world. To achieve this, the Company has three major avenues: Network, Coal and Bulk.

When does Aurizon pay its final dividend?

The Directors normally expect Aurizon to pay dividends in arrears for the six month periods ended 31 December (interim dividend) and 30 June (final dividend). Click here for Aurizon's dividend policy and dividend payment history.

Why is Aurizon in the rail freight industry?

Aurizon is working with others in the global rail freight industry to get this rapidly-advancing technology onto our tracks, for the benefit of customers, communities and the Australian economy.

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