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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the stock price of CSL Limited?

This constitutes a share price movement of -2% when compared to its closing share price of $284.19 seven days ago. Relative to today's opening stock price, the CSL stock price is up $3.04 or 1.10%. 11. Jan 25. Jan 8. Feb 22. Feb 8.

Who is the Managing Director of CSL Limited?

In keeping with our values-based culture, CSL has taken precautions to ensure our employees and our facilities remain safe so we can continue to deliver on our promise to patients and public health." - Paul Perreault, CEO & Managing Director, CSL Limited

What makes CSL a good company to work for?

Our Values have been fundamental to our success — helping us to save lives, protect the health of people, and earn our reputation as a trusted and reliable global leader. They’re at the core of how our employees interact with each other, make decisions and solve problems. We deliver on our promise to patients.

Why is CSL a leading global biotech company?

Today, as a leading global biotech company, that same promise has never been stronger. We develop and deliver innovative biotherapies and influenza vaccines that save lives, and help people with life-threatening medical conditions live full lives.

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